At the Center is Human Being

Economy and  competitiveness were aimed to be tools for Good Life.

Today they have become the goal of everything and the master of our daily life. The decrease of  wellbeing among employees, children, young and old people call for new values.

Human and social capital should become the most important production means in economy. This will require new visions, strategies, operational modes and measurement tools.The recessive thinking modes of industrial  age will operate only a moment.

In future Human Being – and nature – need to be at the center of everything. Otherwise economy, societies, organisations and inidviduals will not succeed.

In Mind Gardenia we trust on humanity and respect of nature. For us humanity does not mean selfishness.  Humanity means understanding of  the deepest existence and daily wellbeing of people.

Society cannot succeed if it is separated from individuals and againsts to their needs. This will be even more important in  future, because economy will succeed only via new innovations and immaterial, creative production.

Economy will flourish when people feel well and are happy. That is why the daily wellbeing  should become again the main goal of society and economy.

The brave people think in a different way already today.