Brave People will lead

The Founder of Mind Gardenia Ltd., Kaisa Kautto-Koivula, is wellknown visionar and popular lecturer.

She  understands the rude nature of ongoing transition but she wants also to hunt after new positive opportunities

She dares to question and she helps to find new perspectives out side of existing boxes.

Kaisa Kautto-Koivula knows via her experience what acrobatics the daily life of people is today.

She worked over 15 years in Nokia Corporation as senior manager, where her last responsibility areas were foresight and development of new strategic business concepts. In 2004 she jumped from the top of business sector in order to become a forerunner of the new age. She established her own company, Mind Gardenia Ltd.

Kaisa Kautto-Koivula, Lic. Techn., Ph.D (educ.),  has acted as an invited expert in several development programs of innovation management and knowledge society, both in and outside Finland. She acts also as an adjunct professor in Tampere and Jyväskylä universities, Finland.

Kaisa Kautto-Koivula is  inspiring speaker and she has got good contact to her audience.

"Visions originate in peoples' dreams, but only the shared vision can come to true."