See over the Horizon

Economy is growing, but at the same time the wellbeing of people is decreasing. The developed countries, including Finland, are wealthier than ever in their history. Many things are better  than earlier.  In spite of that more people are depressed, restless,  tired and lonely.

What is the reason? Is this contradiction a part of  a bigger  state of  transition?

Is this  transition unique? Or is the history repeating itself?

Future  treats and opportunities cannot be seen without new  lenses. You have to be able  at the same time to dive deep under the surfice of transition and  see over the horizon to future.

Mind Gardenia is the forerunner that  has got the ability to interprete the ongoing transition.

We  understand what is going on in the core of economy, societies and work. We interprete the  state of  transition from perspectives of  economy, society and daily life of people. We have professional competence, that includes both strong experience and broad  basis of theory.

We offer new lenses to our customers

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