Is Future in your Hands?

In Mind Gardenia  we offer  training and coaching for companies, communities and organisations of public sector.

Our services fit well for the strategy work of top management, development process of R&D and personnel,  as well as for the seminars of customers and  personnel.

We coach both individuals and teams. Our target is to increase both productivity and wellbeing.

We offer  customized  training, consulting, speeches and  columns. Examples of  topics are described below:

  • Understanding future – Have we got still the old industrial lenses?
  • The deepest  transition of this century –  Treat and opportunity to economy and society
  • Transition of Worklife  – How to find the balance for work and spare time?
  • Transition of Values  - Less materiality more good life
  • Ethics and human-centricity – Basis for future success
  • Burnout – Healthy reaction in unhealthy society?
  • Future challenges of work wellbeing
  • Expectations for future skills and competences?
  • Transition of  innovation process – Where and how to find the successful innovations of future?
  • Effectiveness of human resources or creativity of human capital?
  • Creative work attitude and innovativeness – Success factors of future experts

Future will not be given. It is created today.